- mvc 版本将包含验证框架?


有人知道 V1 的验证如何进行吗?我正处于十字路口,是使用现有的框架还是等待 V1?

我的 mvc 开发已被搁置,直到我能找到有关 v1 版本的更多信息以及验证将如何支持对象模型和 ui?有人有信息吗?



来自ASP.NET MVC Design Gallery and Upcoming View Improvements with the ASP.NET MVC Release Candidate

There are many other features and requests coming with the RC as well including: IDataErrorInfo support to enable models to surface validation error messages, as well as richer error validation extensibility to enable you to use your own approach to surface model validation errors to ModelBinders (the IDataErrorInfo support is built on top of this)


>>> Are there plan to provide a way to provide client-side validation based on rules on the model or will this be up to the developer?

We won't have this built-in with V1, although it is possible to build a library that adds it. We are going to look into enabling some scenarios involving this in the future.

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