android - 如何替换已弃用的 okhttp.RequestBody.create()

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我尝试使用 将图像从 Android 应用程序上传到 Django 服务器改造 2 OkHttp3 .
为此,我曾经创建一个 RequestBody使用以下行的实例:

RequestBody requestImageFile =
                    // NOW this call is DEPRECATED

                            // a File instance created via the path string to the image

// MultipartBody.Part is used to send also the actual file name
MultipartBody.Part image = MultipartBody.Part.createFormData("image", imageFile.getName(), requestImageFile);

最后,我启动了 Retrofit 界面来完成剩下的工作:
// finally, execute the request
Call<ResponseBody> call = service.upload(image);
call.enqueue(new Callback<ResponseBody>() {
     public void onResponse(Call<ResponseBody> call, Response<ResponseBody> response) {
            Log.v("Upload", "success");

     public void onFailure(Call<ResponseBody> call, Throwable t) {
            Log.e("Upload error:", t.getMessage());

几个月前,Android Studio 没有告诉我 create()已弃用。当我现在打开项目时,它告诉我 create()已弃用。有人知道如何解决吗?



RequestBody.create(MediaType.parse("image/*"), imageFile);

RequestBody.create(imageFile, MediaType.parse("image/*"));

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