javascript - 使用 ng-if 时 ng-click 停止工作

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我使用 ng-if 来确定要显示的按钮,并使用 ng-click 来确定操作。当同时使用它们时,ng-click 停止工作,当我点击时没有任何反应。

这里是我用 jade 写的 html,feedLimit 是列表中显示的项目数。

button.btn.btn-primary.btn-block.btn-sm.btn-outline(type='button')(ng-if= "feedLimit < notifications.all.length", ng-click="feedLimit = feedLimit + 4")
  span(translate) Show More
button.btn.btn-primary.btn-block.btn-sm.btn-outline(type='button')(ng-if= "feedLimit >= notifications.all.length", ng-click="feedLimit = 4")
  span(translate) Show Less

我试过使用 ng-show 和 ng-hide,它们工作正常,但最好使用 ng-if,没有动画而且速度更快。

这是显示更多按钮的 html 输出

<button type="button" ng-if="feedLimit < notifications.all.length" ng-click="feedLimit = feedLimit + 4" class="btn btn-primary btn-block btn-sm btn-outline ng-scope" style=""><span class="ng-scope">Show More</span></button>


我认为您遇到了 angularjs 和子作用域继承的常见问题。

您正在对原始值进行数据绑定(bind),而 ng-if 正在创建一个子作用域。当您的 ng-click 指令更改“feedLimit”的值时,您实际上是在子作用域上创建一个新的“feedLimit”属性,但 ng-if 指令绑定(bind)到父作用域的“feedLimit”。



<button ng-if="feedLimit < notifications.all.length" ng-click="feedLimit = feedLimit + 4">


<button ng-if="someObj.feedLimit < notifications.all.length" ng-click="someObj.feedLimit = someObj.feedLimit + 4">


Scope inheritance is normally straightforward, and you often don't even need to know it is happening... until you try 2-way data binding (i.e., form elements, ng-model) to a primitive (e.g., number, string, boolean) defined on the parent scope from inside the child scope. It doesn't work the way most people expect it should work. What happens is that the child scope gets its own property that hides/shadows the parent property of the same name. This is not something AngularJS is doing – this is how JavaScript prototypal inheritance works. New AngularJS developers often do not realize that ng-repeat, ng-switch, ng-view and ng-include all create new child scopes, so the problem often shows up when these directives are involved. (See this example for a quick illustration of the problem.)

This issue with primitives can be easily avoided by following the "best practice" of always have a '.' in your ng-models

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